The indication unit IndiTop from Alfa Laval is designed as a simple and easy to use, electrical feedback unit for Laval butterfly and single-seat valves. It is compatible with all major PLC (Programmable Logic Controller with PNP/NPN interface). It is for use in food, dairy and brewery installations and in biopharmaceutical applications. IndiTop is a unique “No Touch” sensor system without any mechanical adjustments. It is used to supervise pneumatic valves and is easily mounted on top of the valve actuator. IndiTop ensures a quick and easy setup either by the easy “5 push setup” or remotely from the PLC system; Visual indication through LEDs are constantly displaying the current valve position and power ON and the unit will be able to send feedbacks in both DC and AC about the valve position through an encapsulated cable.
For cable version the selection of PNP or NPN is done by external electrical wiring and for the plug version the selection is done by Item no. See also “Basic Design”. It is interchangeable with Alfa Laval side indication (Hall switches) without rewiring the plug connection.



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