Tekna Parma was born in 1999 as a simple equipment distributor, but it soon became one of the first companies to cover the whole world of the equipment for the process industry on the Italian market, supplying the top of quality and innovation, with an environment-friendly approach.

Today Tekna Parma provides the widest range of innovative solutions, from the heat treatment without final product damage, to the fluid interception without contamination, to the sterile sampling.

From pharma to food, from chemistry to natural cosmetics, from waste water treatment to bioenergy, today Tekna Parma is acknowledged as a valid partner in the choice of the right equipment, system or innovative solution, on the whole Italian market.

Every production industry finds the solution with the best quality/price/technology ratio, studied by Tekna Parma experts, who are always working hard to find and develop the most effective proposals for the customers.

This mission is realized also in an efficient predictive maintenance service and technical support, in addition to the wide equipment portfolio: centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, sanitary valves, industrial valves, process instrumentation, process analysis tools, heat exchangers, medical, sanitary and industrial filtration, cleaning systems and product recovery systems.

Tekna Parma affirms its leading position thanks to the strong partnership with the best brands of the market for the distribution of their products at a local and national level.
The great customer-orientation, the customized choice of the right solutions, the efficient and prompt technical consulting, the competitive quality/price ration make Tekna Parma the ideal reference point for any process industry.