The ThinkTop Basic is designed to ensure optimum valve control in conjunction with Alfa Laval butterfly, single-seat and Mixproof valves and it is compatible with all major PLC systems (Programmable Logic Controller) with a digital PNP/NPN interface. It is for use in food, dairy and brewery installations and in biopharmaceutical applications. The ThinkTop Basic fits all air operated valves from Alfa Laval. The ThinkTop Basic is a basic control head including sensor board and solenoid valves to control processing valves. It is used to control and supervise pneumatic valves and is mounted on top of the valve. It receives signals from a PLC to control the solenoid valve and it sends the valve status feedback signals back to the PLC. To adapt the sensor board to the specific valve, the users make a simple set-up by using local keys. ThinkTop is available also in Digital, AS Interface and Atex version.

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