Alfa Laval is your complete source for specialized fittings and tubing required in food, dairy, beverage, personal care, biotechnology and pharmaceutical process applications. Smooth, crevice-free interiors and secure, self-aligning joints are characteristic for Alfa Laval Fittings. Each offers superior corrosion-resistance and unmatched service life. Alfa Laval fittings are designed and manufactured to ensure dimensional accuracy and structural integrity, making them easy to install. Tubing is manufactured to Alfa Laval’s stringent specifications, making it a perfect match for the weld fittings. Choose from a wide range of tube sizes, surface finishes and connect options. All products are labelled with a bar code, product information and manufacturing date. This provides the optimum identification and ensures that the product arrives to the job site in a clean orbital weld condition. The Alfa Laval tubes and fittings are divided into two product ranges, Sanitary and UltraPure, The Sanitary range is suitable for most standard duties and the UltraPure range is suitable for duties with extra high demands on hygiene and cleanability.



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