With its cost-effective frame design, the BaseLine series of plate heat exchangers is a competitive choice for process and utility duties. Working at pressures up to 10 bar (g), it handles not only heating and cooling, but also pasteurization at low flow rates. Typical BaseLine applications include simple pasteurization, raw milk cooling, media heating/ cooling and CIP (cleaning-in-place) heating. FrontLine is a top-of-the-line series of plate heat exchangers. Able to meet the highest demands on hygienic control, it features a superior and flexible design that allows easy handling and modification. Among the main applications for FrontLine are dairy pasteurization, yoghurt cooling, UHT treatment and work with heat-sensitive products. FrontLine frames can be supplied in stainless steel and silver-coated versions, and the Clip plates are available in alternative materials for challenging food-processing tasks. In most cases their Clip plates can be cleaned via CIP (cleaning-in-place), using the same flow as in the process itself.

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