The LKH pump is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal pump, which meets the requirements of sanitary and gentle product treatment and chemical resistance. LKH is available in thirteen sizes, LKH-5, -10, -15, -20, -25, -35, -40, -45, -50, -60, -70, -85 and -90. The LKH pump is designed for CIP with emphasis on large internal radii and cleanable seals. The sanitary version of LKH has a stainless steel shroud for protection of the motor, and the complete unit is supported on four adjustable stainless steel legs. The LKH pump is equipped with either an external single or a flushed shaft seal. Both have stationary seal rings made from stainless steel AISI 329 with sealing surface in silicon carbide and rotating seal rings in
carbon. The secondary seal of the flushed seal is a long lasting lip seal. The pump may also be equipped with a double mechanical shaft seal. The LKH Pump is also available in the following versions: biopharmaceutic (LKH-UltraPure), for high pressure (LKHI), for evaporation (LKHEvap), for filtration (LKHP), multistage, self-priming (LKH-SP), Atex (LKHex).

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